2014 Wolf Lake Annual Ice Fishing Contest RESULTS

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   2014 Buzzy Taylor Memorial Ice Fishing Contest
 The Annual Ice Fishing Contest was held on Sunday, February 18th at the Club House.  True to form the weather was cold and windy, but the big challenge was the snow.  That Thursday and Friday, Wolf Lake got about 20 inches of snow.  This was on top of the 12-14 we had gotten earlier.  That meant that in spots there was over 30 inches of snow on the ice making it extremely difficult to get out on it and fish.  Since the weather didn’t look much better in the coming week, the committee decided to go ahead with the contest.  Who would have thought that we would have 52 contestants signed up.  There were 43 adults entered and 9 kids.  The snow was as deep as the kids were tall!
 Each year we hold our contest on the same day as the Sullivan County Conservation Club holds the King of the Ice Fishing contest.  For the last several years Wolf Lake has caught a bigger fish.  King of the Ice was cancelled this year due the weather conditions and the lack of available parking for their contestants.  So I guess we still caught the bigger fish!!!
 The Club House was open all day with plenty of chilies, hot dogs, hot chocolate and hot soups to warm everyone.  Many folks came down for lunch and to catch up news with one another.
 A 50/50 was held and the winner ( Tim Grey – guest ) walked away with $164.00.
 SPORTS- NUTS in Rock Hill provided the prizes to Wolf Lake at a great discount.  They always treat us well with great prizes. Please support our local businesses! 
 Thanks to all our contestants and spectators for coming out on such a cold challenging day to make the Ice Fishing Contest a success.  Thanks to those who also donated food items.
The Contest Results for the adults and kids is attached.
1ST PLACE  ( TIE )   DANIEL ROBERTS    23 1/2″      4 LBS   1 OZ
PAUL MOORE                             23 1/2″      4 LBS   1 OZ
2ND PLACE               JOHN ELLIS     20 1/2″      2 LBS  11 OZ
3RD PLACE               B. MANCRONI    18 1/2″      1 LB      6 OZ
1ST PLACE               TIM ANDERSON    12 3/8″     15 OZ
2ND PLACE               MARK SILVA      12″         12 OZ
3RD PLACE               BILL ROE        11 1/2″     12 OZ
1ST PLACE               TIM GREY       14″          1 LB
2ND PLACE               TIM GREY       12″          12 OZ
3RD PLACE               TIM GREY       10″          10 OZ
1ST PLACE              BOB BOGUSZ      8 3/4″
2ND PLACE              TIM ANDERSON    8″
3RD PLACE              HARRY WALKER    7 7/8″
1ST PLACE    ASHLEY MANCRONI      18 1/2″      1 LB     6 OZ
1ST PLACE    STEVEN GREY           11″         5 OZ
2ND PLACE   STEVEN GREY            10″         6 OZ
1ST PLACE    ADAM BLAKESLY         8 1/2″
2ND PLACE   ADAM BLAKESLY          8 1/8″
3RD PLACE   STEVEN GREY            8″