2019 Buzzy Taylor Memorial Ice Fishing Results

2019 Buzzy Taylor Memorial Ice Fishing Contest was a great success – thanks to our members!

Wolf Lake’s 2019 ice fishing contest was a winner for all who attended thanks to outstanding volunteerism, attendance and beautiful weather..

Thank you to our volunteers and contributors – you make every event special.

We are grateful to co-chairs Kathy and Don Roberts for all their work organizing this event for 114 attendees (86 adults and 28 children).

Fisherfolk and friends (even pets) were treated to spicy and unique varieties of chili (Bison, Wild Boar and Venison), delicious soups, and a mountain of cakes, brownies and cookies.

The chairpersons want to recognize to Kathy Walker, Joe Sustack, Rich Mueller, Ken Babcock, Jim and Karen Cappadonna and Rachel Davenport for their extraordinary help.

And the winners are….

Kids Pickerel2019 ice fishing kids winner

1st Place – Abby DuBois
2nd Place – Grace DuBois
3rd Place – Chad Dragone

Kids Perch

1st Place – Abby DuBois

Adults Pickerel

1st Place – Alan Roverts
2nd Place – Joshua Gavin
3rd Place – Tom Elton

Adults Crappie2019 ice fishing adult winner

1st and 2nd Place – Joe Carney

Adults Perch

1st Place – Bill Roe
2nd Place – Greg Gillen
3rd Place – Bill Roe

Adults Sunfish

1st Place – Tim Grey
2nd Place – Jason Youmans
3rd Place – Lisa Babcock