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Event Chair Needed – Please Volunteer

Event Chair Needed for Aug 9th – Please Volunteer

Kids sleepover at the Clubhouse needs an Adult Chair for the event.  The date is Aug 9th, please consider volunteering.  The VP of Activities (Mike Kavanaugh) and others will help guide in terms of what has been done in the past.  Please contact the office if you are willing to do this fun event for the kids.  Unfortunately if we do not find a Chair, we would need to cancel.

Range Announcements

A Range Safety Officer must be present whenever the Automatic Trap Machine is being used. They are trained in Range Safety and in the proper use of the equipment. They will be scheduled during the summer season on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10am to 12pm.  There will be a meeting of all current range Officers…

Upcoming Events

This is a reminder. Check our online calendar for details. We hope you check our calendar on a regular basis.

Beach and Clubhouse Clean-Up May 18th at 9am at the Clubhouse. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED .

Wolf Lake Trail Clean-Up May 25th 9:30am.

Wolf Lake Family Cookout May 26th at 3pm. Volunteers needed.