March Conservation Meeting minutes

March 10, 2012
Trail Work days organized – Saturday half days with food. Harry will send trail map with areas that have been done, Harry has provided a map of areas needing work. Paul and Scott will work Bass and Division Pond nature trails. Announcements posted in the emails . Johnny K did trail to nature trail. Trail to field is bad, need at least 6 people there. Christmas Tree Field needs to be done.
Trail Work Days – March 24th and April 21st. May 27th & June 23rd.
Plan to work from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, meet at conference lodge.
Bring your own hand tools such as rakes, lopping shears, work gloves and such.
Clover field trail needs maintenance. Clover field needs liming and dressing, put together a group to do that now. Need reseeding.
Sell some tractor equipment for ATV related equipment.
Fish Stocking
50:50 stocking of trout and walleye. Need good size fish. Check on state minimum. Mark will discuss with Joe and John – about $1700 for fish stocking. Trout, 12” fish from Roscoe Hatchery. 12-15”. Walleye fish need to be ordered.
Watershed Management Program
Rejoined NYS Federation of Lake Association, which handles lake and community management. See if an outside group would validate the long term plan. Conference May 4-6, someplace upstate NY. Allied Biological (Hacketstown, NJ) which does lake survey. Approximately 3-5K survey shows results.
May want to put a boards back in to refill the lake.
Allied produces signs for display against invasive species. New stickers.
Liming – promote to people that they could lime their own lakefront.
NYS Seedling Program – $400. Chestnut Oaks. Dogwood, crabapple, no pines. Hoping to get for April work day. See if scouts would plant any leftover seedlings.
Range. Trap machine repaired. Chris DiRienzo understands the machine the best. Lowenstein is somewhat familiar as a snowbird. Brookwood has the same machine where they have dropped machine off in PA for refurbishing. Machine needs to be dropped off and picked up someplace in the Poconos.
Need to schedule maintenance for range in one or more work days. Need a work crew for posts, benches, leaf blowing, raking stone. Need sportsmen volunteers. Email blast for the range folks. Two trophies have no space, need another Arizzi plaque and “Top Gun”. Suggest get trophies from Middletown shop.
Tentative Range Dates
7/8 – youth shoot chaired by Henry Moore, 8/12 – Tom Arezzi shoot – need chairperson, 9/2 – Labor Day shoot. Ask Katy and Rolly about Turkey Shoot. Looking for a Trap Shoot Chairperson. Sent email to folks. Changing to an outlook calendar which can be carried forward. Brookwood, shoot is 8/25, list on calendar. Check to see if it conflicts with archery dates.
Ron suggests 2 categories for Brookwood – adults qualification (22 average), kids (16 average). Need to determine date for qualification. Brookwood shoot at Brookwood this year. Ron to chair. 17 and under is youth.
Hunter safety course – would we consider hosting again. Focus was handguns, rifle, shotgun. Perhaps in conjunction with LEAP (Lake Emergency Action Plan).
Need to write up for Wolf Tales – Brookwood Qualification Shoot – 7/22
Raffle Cash Prizes – Tickets on Wolf Takes – 500, 300, 100.