Reminder: If You Use Landscapers

Dear shareholders,
It’s that time of year again! Getting ready to enjoy the picturesque outdoors at Wolf Lake also means doing yard work! If you have a landscaper come and do work at your place remember to inform them that it is mandatory to register with the office and pay the fee. This helps with the cost of maintaining the leaf area. Any shareholders who do work around the lake for others and receive payment need to register as well. If a landscape contractor is found to be using the leaf area without WL permission, the shareholder who hired him will be subject to a fine.
Thank you!
Rule Reminder:

  1. Leaf Dump – Only leaves or brush less than (5) five feet in length and less than three (3) inches in diameter may be put in leaf dump. (Example – No construction debris or stumps, boulders are allowed in the leaf dump). Any commercial user hired by a shareholder must be registered annually at a cost of $100.00 in the Wolf Lake Office in order to utilize the leaf dump. As part of the registration process, the commercial user will certify that they will only dump leaves and brush gathered from Wolf Lake properties and comply with all Wolf Lake Rules and Regulations.