About Wolf lake

Unlike most lake communities, The Wolf Lake chain of three lakes and woodland preserve form a special bond with nature. Residents sign on to a “Forever Wild” creed to protect the natural environs of the lakes. Though they own their individual residential properties, Wolf Lake members are also shareholders in the 2,000-acre natural waters and woodlands that surround the community and the lakes’ watershed. Wolf Lake, though private, is fortunate to border State nature preserves and sportsman club properties with similar interests in forest management and preservation. This emphasis on natural husbandry gives Wolf Lake a unique natural appearance with emphasis on indigenous foliage, and less on formal landscaping. The shoreline is protected by riparian buffers, again creating beautiful vistas both from the circumferential roadway and from the lakes.

Wolf Lake is incorporated as a for-profit realty corporation chartered in New York State. Operated similarly to an HOA, the community of over 280 homes is led by an elected board of resident directors and professionals, who manage the day-to-day business of the community. A very active committee structure provides guidance on issues of finance, lake and woodland management, social, and sportsman activities. A strong ethic in hunting and fishing safety along with youth programs to instill respect for the environment and groom the next generation of informed leaders. A club house and a conference lodge encourage year-round social events. Wolf Lake is, after all, a place to enjoy fully.

One of the three lakes, Bass Pond, is “forever wild,” meaning its shoreline is preserved in a natural state forever. Two thirds of a second lake (Division Pond) is also preserved naturally. The main lake provides access to fishing, sailing, and other water recreation for all shareholders, even those without lakefront property. Dedicated rights-of-way are assigned to members without immediate frontage on the main lake. A network of groomed trails access the exceptional Catskill natural flora and woodland critters of the preserve. Wolf Lake’s forest preserve is managed by a certified forester to ensure that best practices are followed in keeping the trees and natural foliage healthy and resplendent. A rifle range instills safety practices and opens a venue for competitive trap shooting and marksmanship activities among shareholders and with neighboring sportsman organizations.

During its over 170-year existence as bodies of water, The Wolf Lake chain has evolved from a water supply reservoir to feed the Delaware & Hudson Canal, to a private preserve, and finally in 1940 to incorporate initially as a seasonal community for like-minded sportsmen and environmentalists. Its natural future is assured by a strong set of environmental, building and site plan standards embodied by and enforced bylaws, rules and regulations. Sound financial governance has created a reserve to maintain the dams and shared facilities into the future. Wolf Lake is self-supporting and financially strong. It is active with its neighboring lakes in civic affairs of the two towns (Thompson and Mamakating) in which it is located. It is a good neighbor.

Wolf Lake, as a community and as a nature preserve, has a secure and promising future.

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